Vikas Palazzo - Mulund
Everything about Vikas Palazzo is palatial. Like a true palace, every little thing about it is large. And every large thing is well super-large! There is nothing in small or medium sizes. Every single apartment or duplex, is a sprawling 4 bedroom larger-than-life creation, because Palazzo has no room for 2 or 3 BHKs.

Palazzo rises to a majestic 38 floors after offering ample parking across 3 basement floors and a large podium on the ground floor. These 38 floors will house just 56 apartments of 4 BHK (2088 sq ft) and Duplexes (2200 sq ft). This is a rarified atmosphere for an absolutely select circle.

Palazzo is without doubt the most desired edifice coming up against the skyline of Mulund West, which is definitely the queen of the Central suburbs. And, has fast developed into a zone for an exclusive, modern lifestyle. Palazzo will be the jewel in the crown that is Mulund West. A jewel that offers you just two sparkling apartments per floor. Only a limited few will be able to enjoy this royal spread.
You will be located close to a Jain Temple.
Your children will be located close to the best of schools.
People who want to visit, will find you located close to the railway station.
The choicest shopping malls, multiplexes and restaurants are within walking distance.
Happiness could not be better located.

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