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Building bricks of compassion @ Veerayatan
In 1973, came alive Veerayatan – a non-profit, NGO, with an altruistic aim to uplift and empower humanity through humanitarianism, education and inner development. The organization has remarkably established several primary education and vocational training centres throughout the region of Kutch, India and an inner development centre near Pune, India. Besides, Veerayatan also conducts personal development courses and workshops in America, England, Kenya, Singapore, Australia, Dubai and Canada. For its world-renowned eye hospital and orthopaedic centre in Bihar, India, and most of its services at free of cost, Veerayatan has succeeded in becoming one of the most modern and best-equipped centres of its kind in the entire state of Bihar.

With an objective of fulfilling a longstanding need for specialized higher education in Kutch and to ensure that the people of the region could be competitive in India's increasingly globalized economy, it was in 2005, when Veerayatan's first Pharmacy Degree College in Kutch was devotedly developed by the Vikas Group . Today, more than 500 residential students and 1000 school students study there each year. Committed to creating more educational institutions and innovative learning opportunities for students to reap benefits of a top-quality education, regardless of any caste, creed, race, religion or socioeconomic status, Veerayantan truly exudes compassion for humanity in all sense, and bringing light to one too many lives for over 35 years, over the globe.

The organization today has globally grown to have 10 offices in 7 countries with a staff of more than 500 people and has been recognized and featured in numerous Indian newspapers and magazines, as well as the New York Times and the Chicago Tribune. Veerayatan's efforts in Kutch particularly prompted the New York Times – one of America's leading newspapers – to hail Veerayatan as “the biggest, most honest and best organized private effort to provide stopgap schools for children in the state… of earthquake-torn Gujarat.”

With so many dreams shaping into realities, of young and old, Vikas Group, today is proud to have bolstered bricks to see such a noble cause extend for society and its people.
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